All About Estate Planning

Map Your Future — Protect Your Loved Ones

Building your legacy through estate planning can help ensure that your loved ones are provided for after you are gone. A will and customized trust can provide peace of mind for yourself and those closest to you. Through these documents and related actions, your wishes for your own health care, as well as distribution of your assets after death, can be made clear through enforceable legal instruments.

Turn To An Estate Planning Lawyer You Can Trust

Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, has more than 30 years' experience assisting Arizonans through all aspects of estate planning, as well as probate and estate administration for families. He can meet with you in Sun City and in satellite offices throughout the Valley.

We are here to customize estate planning solutions with you. If you work with lawyer Wayne P. Marsh, you can expect reassuring step-by-step guidance in all aspects of your estate plan.

  • Together, we will identify and outline your needs and wants in relation to your estate and future.
  • We will advise and counsel you throughout the entire estate planning process
  • We work out the right estate plan for you, which may include:
    • Creating or updating your will, possibly including one or more trusts. A will is a legal document that outlines how your assets will be distributed and to whom.
    • Putting powers of attorney in place to account for any future contingency, including incapacitation.
    • Planning, creating and funding your trusts, a legal entity that manages your assets depending on the situation or need you created it for; it can be designed to manage your assets in case you become disabled and are unable to, it can facilitate the transfer of your assets (including guns, if applicable) once you die; it can provide for care of your pet if your beloved dog, cat, parrot or horse outlives you; it can be customized to dispense funds at set, regular intervals to those you love/ beneficiaries or all of the above.
  • We will do our best to ensure that at all times you are comfortable and at ease with all decisions made in planning your estate, working at your pace at every stage.

Benefits Of Thoughtful Estate Planning

Through proper and complete estate planning:

  • You can retain control of your property at all times.
  • Your assets will be secured legally from unwarranted taxes, 'vultures,' probate and creditors.
  • You will be assured that if you ever become disabled, your legal and financial affairs will be in order and your health care preferences will be clear.
  • Your loved ones can be financially protected in the future.
  • You and your family can avoid unwarranted legal fees for attorneys, executors and probate in the future.
  • Asset transfer can occur quickly and easily when the time comes.

Start Now To Design Or Complete Your Estate Plan

Come for a free initial consultation with us and start living a life of ease knowing your future and your loved ones' future is well-protected. Learn the truth about myths related to estate planning. Avoid common mistakes many people make. Talk to an experienced Phoenix area estate planning attorney at Wayne P. Marsh, PLC.

Learn What You Need To Know About Estate Planning And Probate In Arizona

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