What Powers Of Attorney Should You Include In Your Estate Plan?

A power of attorney can be a dangerous document if it gets in the wrong hands at an inopportune time. Many people consider it a good idea to give a close family member or friend the ability to manage health care decisions and/or personal property in case of incapacitation, incarceration or any unforeseen crisis. Indeed, powers of attorney have helped many families in situations such as these. Other people have experienced betrayal by someone named in a power of attorney.

Understand The Power Of A Power Of Attorney Document And Select Carefully

Discuss these and other considerations in a personalized consultation with estate planning attorney Wayne P. Marsh in Sun City, Arizona, if you are thinking about setting up powers of attorney covering financial and health care "what if" scenarios. Specific documents you select may include:

  • A durable power of attorney
  • A medical power of attorney
  • A fixed-period temporary power of attorney

Talk over options for clarifying the circumstances under which a power of attorney would apply. Lawyer Wayne P. Marsh has years of experience guiding families and individuals through all aspects of estate planning, including powers of attorney. He can meet with you in his offices in Sun City or in one of various satellite offices throughout the Valley.

Mr. Marsh can let you know about limitations and obstacles that may or may not mean your desired wording is likely to achieve your objectives. There may be other — less risky — ways to accomplish what you need, such as empowering someone to purchase groceries for you with money from your bank account. A low-limit credit card that would be automatically repaid from your account might be a safer option. That is one example of many ways to avoid creating a power of attorney unnecessarily.

Get The Personalized Advice You Need About Powers Of Attorney From A Lawyer You Can Trust

With years of experience in estate planning law in Arizona, lawyer Wayne P. Marsh is prepared to help you discover and create documents such as powers of attorney, wills, trusts and more. Email us or call 623-688-5128 or 888-251-5153 to schedule a consultation.