Draft A Will — Create Trusts — Get The Answers And Help You Need In Arizona

Every adult should have a will! Perhaps you know that but have been putting off talking to an attorney for all kinds of reasons. You may assume death is far off, or that you do not have enough assets to worry about. Perhaps you just don't realize a will you prepared in another state or during a different phase of life has become out of date.

Get your will updated and revised if necessary with help from Wayne P. Marsh, PLC. Lawyer Wayne Marsh has the level of experience you can rely on and a personable, attentive approach that will put you at ease. From law offices in Sun City, Mr. Marsh will meet with you in a satellite office near your location throughout the Valley.

Secure The Future Of Those You Love

Nearly everyone has family members such as a spouse, children, parents, brothers or sisters, whose well-being matters greatly. Many people also have charitable causes or organizations that are important to them. If your life ended tomorrow, what type of legacy would you leave for them? Putting your estate plan in order is one very important way to demonstrate care and concern for your family or other beneficiaries. A will is a fundamental part of a complete estate plan. Many people also create one or more trusts, which will be compatible with your will.

Select And Create Or Update The Will And Trusts You Need To Pass On Assets As You Wish

Professionally prepared trusts can help you accomplish key goals for the transfer of assets to the next generation when you die or become incapacitated. Through a well-crafted will and trusts, you can:

  • Outline your beneficiaries and determine which assets they will receive or how much.
  • Map out when your beneficiaries receive their inheritance such that it can be an allowance or portion allocation of your estate for the rest of their lives.
  • Organize a plan for managing or selling your family business when you are gone.
  • Determine who will look after your minor children or children with special needs if something was to happen to you.
  • Provide for a disabled adult child through a special needs trust without causing him or her to lose necessary government assistance.
  • Determine who will effectively manage your estate.
  • Reduce any estate taxes or administrative costs.

Additionally, a health care directive or living will can spell out your preferences during a medical crisis or end-of-life care. A medical power of attorney can authorize someone close to you to make decisions for you when you cannot.

What Trusts Can Do

You can protect certain properties from the hassles, costs and exposure that come with probate. You can care for those you love regardless of your state such as in cases where you become disabled. You can ensure that your assets, wealth and property are put to good use and not abused or squandered. You can allocate money to fund education for your children or grandchildren in the future, guaranteeing they have access to education no matter what. You can assist charities or give back to communities as you deem fit. You can ensure that asset transfer will be fast and easy when the time comes for it.

Contact An Arizona Estate Planning Attorney To Talk About Your Will And Trusts

Draft your will or create a trust at your earliest convenience with the help of Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, in Sun City. We offer free initial consultations and cost-effective step-by-step estate planning suitable to your budget and goals.