Is A Gun Trust Appropriate In Your Case?

It is your constitutional right to bear arms but make sure you do so legally and wisely. By creating a National Firearms Act (NFA) gun trust, you will know how to maintain your class 3 weapons properly. Additionally, you will know the legal approach to adding on more firearms to your collection — including automatic weapons and silencers — while always complying with state and federal laws. It will help you protect yourself and your firearms. A gun trust can enable your designated beneficiaries to take ownership of your guns after your death or use them during your lifetime.

Be Armed With The Right Protection For Your Guns

Set up your NFA gun trust through a legal entity that ensures your guns, as well as the rights of anyone you designate to handle them and/or inherit them are protected. Establishing a gun trust must be done correctly and professionally to have the desired effects. A gun trust is a complicated document. The risks you can run into if it's not properly drafted and administered can be very high.

Wayne P. Marsh, PLC, in Sun City, can help you through this important process. Meet with Mr. Marsh in Sun City or in one of several satellite offices near you throughout the Valley. Our Arizona law firm is equipped to:

  • Protect your firearms by establishing an NFA gun trust.
  • Ensure your firearms are legally managed and protected in situations or events that were unforeseen/ unplanned for.
  • Identify the right person to bequeath your firearms to, ensuring the state they are in is accommodating to firearms.
  • Ensure your NFA gun trust is effectively administered and your firearms are protected throughout and safely transferred to their beneficiary upon your death.

It is far too easy to accidentally find yourself in violation of the NFA. The fines or penalties you may receive can be disastrous. It simply isn't worth it to forego having a gun trust or trying to do it yourself.

  • Owning guns without a gun trust can place undue burdens on you. On the other hand, a trust is not required to submit fingerprints or photographs or more importantly, a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) signature.
  • Your trustees will have the ability to legally possess and use NFA weapons
  • You can ensure your NFA gun trust secures your firearms until your beneficiary comes of age or is deemed of such maturity that he/she can assume the responsibilities of ownership.
  • Overall, you can protect those who may handle or inherit your guns by setting up a gun trust correctly.

Estate Planning Attorney Wayne P. Marsh Can Advise You On The Gun Trust You Seek

Establish your NFA gun trust without delay. Call 623-688-5128 or 888-251-5153 (toll free) or email us to request a consultation with lawyer Wayne P. Marsh. You will rest easy knowing the future of your guns, those who handle them and/or those who inherit them are well-protected.